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Ransome Pipe Welding System


Ransome Company provides quality automated welding machine systems for pipe and tank welding fabrication.

Welding automation positioning systems to meet the needs of a variety of application such as automatic pipe welding systems. Automated tank welding fabrication equipment used for welding vessels, storage tanks girth seam welders and tank building  applications. Ransome weld positioners, manipulators, turning rolls, turntables, submerged arc column booms, linear side beams, 3 o'clock seam welders for flexibility bringing an economical approach to semi automatic tank building welding equipment and machine designs. Let us help you increase your welding production through the proper weld positioning of your parts.

Systems may include:

  • Manipulators mounted on manual push car on track

  • Ransome Pipe Support Stand on Casters and Track

  • Dovetail slides with mechanical or magnetic oscillator

  • Power Slides and Controls

The Welding Package also includes:

  • Ransome Zero Back Lash Pipe Positioners

  • Pipe Gripper Chucks

  • Special Ransome Welding Ground Method

The Welding System also includes:

  • Ransome Model HS-4 Pipe Headstock

  • Pipe Gripper Chucks

  • Welding Ground

View the specifications for pipe system (Acrobat PDF)

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Ransome Company Automatic Pipe Welding Systems
Ransome Company Tank Welding Automation 

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Ransome welding positioners are engineered to provide versatility and safety over a wide range of material handling capacities from 100 lbs. to more than 175 tons Ransome positioners are ideal for improving productivity in everyday routine welding, as well as specialized applications for robotic welding, assembly, inspection and testing.

Featuring the latest in electronic controls, Ransome positioners can be programmed to start, stop, accelerate, reverse or change rotation speeds to maintain precise and cost-efficient speed and position during your manufacturing process. Worm gear reducers provide smooth operation with minimum backlash and optimum control. Ransome positioners are frequently modified for special requirements and custom applications.

Ransome positioners feature:

A free-standing design that will not tip under rated loads
Jam-proof switching for total control
Full remote control capability stepped down to 115 volts for operator safety
Rapid travel index to reduce operator wait time
Variable speed drive rotation motor
135 powered tilt
Spur gear final stage on tilt and rotation 

Available accessories include a choice of foot controls, remote drives, speed and direction controllers, tachometer, pipe and tube roll stands, and more.



B3 Ransome Small Welding Positioner

Ransome Tilt Turn Positioners


  • B-1 100 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • B-3 300 Lb Bench Top Positioner
  • 10P 1,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 25P 25,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 40P 4,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 60P 6,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 120P 12,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 200P 20,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 250P 25,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 400P 40,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 500P 50,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 600P 60,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 900P 90,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 1200P 120,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • 2200P 200,000 Lb Ransome Positioner
  • TEXAN 350,000 lb Ransome Positioner
Ransome geared tilt rotary positioners
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Ransome floor turntables are available with variable or constant speed drives, as well as non-powered rotation. Many variations in speeds, control, table size and configuration, and overall height are available. Standard turntables are available in capacities from 250 lbs. to 120,000 lbs. Larger capacities are available by special order.

Ransome turntables offer two basic floor turntable designs as a standard. Call Cliff or Karen to information.

Free Standing A-Frame Design

Ransome A-frame weld turntable has a hollow spindle featuring pre-loaded roller bearings. The motor and reducer mounts are built into the bearing housing and main support beam, and floor-mounted by means of A-frame assemblies at each side. This design allows all mechanical components to be housed under the table with no protrusions. A-frame turntables are available for capacities of 250, 500, 1,000 and 2,500 lbs.

Free Standing Center Column Design

Designed for capacities over 2,500 lbs., the Ransome free standing center column turntable has no spindle and uses slewing ring bearings. This combination provides uniform support of the load and eliminates the problems of spindle and table deflection. The rotation gear is machined on the outer race of these huge bearings to provide smooth table rotation without binding or vibrating.

The bearing is completely self-contained. The bearing assembly bolts to the center column and the table bolts to the bearing, making table replacement or special fixturing very simple. Because there is no spindle, the table can be placed on any flat surface for layout or fixture installation. The direct drive feature requires minimal maintenance and provides less backlash. It also eliminates overhung loads on the drive motor output shaft and gear reducer input shaft. Center column turntables have a plain faced table.

Ransome Floor Turntable 

Welding positiong turntable or horizonal part positioning.


Ransome headstocks and tailstocks, with capacities of 2,500 lbs. and up, are designed to rotate large frames, heavy structures or rollers for maximum down hand welding, overlay or hard-facing operations. These simple, rugged machines can help your operation reduce labor costs, increase product quality, minimize operator fatigue and minimize downtime.

Headstocks are power-driven and equipped with specially designed gear ratios for safety. Tailstocks are similar in construction to headstocks, but are non-powered with a free-wheeling table. Tailstocks are also usable with welding positioners for minimum tooling expense on short run jobs.

Ransome headstocks and tailstocks are manufactured with all-steel, heavy-duty welded construction. All electrical components are enclosed and protected with low voltage push-button stations for maximum safety. A reversing starter is furnished for the rotation drive.

Headstock and tailstock tables are slotted for quick clamping of weldments, while positive gearing assures minimum backlash.


 Ransome Headstock-Tailstock Positioner Set with Support

 Ransome Custom Welding Positioners

Ransome Robotic Headstock Tailstock Positioner Servo Set

Ransome Newest Design of Power Elevation Headstock Tailstock Positioners for parts welding fabrication.


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Ransome vessel turning rolls are used across a broad range of industries to simplify the fabrication, assembly and inspection of tanks, drums, pressure vessels and cylinders of all sizes. Ransome offers both standard and special turning roll designs to satisfy virtually any application.

Ransome tank turning rolls improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of both automatic and manual welding by minimizing handling and the need for crane services. They allow complete control of forward or reverse rotation roller over and smooth variable speed to provide optimum speed control and eliminate undesirable production variability.

Ransome vessel, tank and pipe turning rolls offers capacities from one to 300 tons. Custom designs can handle up to 1,200 tons.

Specially designed tank roll over for better shock absorption and seam cushioning, without sacrificing load carrying capacity. Durable Ransome tank turning rolls are the industry premier welding turning rolls

Ransome 85 durometer tires, 20 points higher than standard, provide greater load carrying capacity, along with greater heat and tear resistance 
Available high-strength machined steel rollers for high temperature and heavy load applications

Adjustable roller spacing to handle small or large diameter work pieces Combination steel and bronze worm wheel resists shock from heavy loads. Self-aligning, anti-friction bearings for smoother running power and idler rotation Lowered drive heights for easier loading and unloading rolls from either end Simple operation, with forward, reverse, rapid travel and speed variation over the entire speed range


Constant center (manually adjustable or powered)

Variable or constant speed

DC or frequency drives


Travel carriages

Tachometer (digital or analog)

Synchronization for multiple rolls working together.

Ransome Turning Rolls
Ransome Tank Turning Rolls

Ransome Trac-Tred Turning Rolls


Ransome Turbine rotor turning rolls are specialty MICARTA surface turbine rotators which are very cost effective when compared to other industry alternatives such as thrusters riser designs. Parts, such as steam gas turbines, can be turned and rotated for maintaining inspection and Turbine rotor repairs. Ransome turbine turning rolls use of facility cranes for lifting of generator power turbine mounting and unloading.

Ransome Company manufactures MICARTA turbine turning rolls for with a Turbine rolling capacity starting at 30 tons to over 250 tons. Custom MICARTA Ransome Turbine rolls are available for sale. Ransome Company designs and builds many of the most popular Turbine Rotators as a standard of the industry. Contact us today or request a quote on new turbine tank turning rolls, and other options such as riser turbine thrusters.

Turbine Rotor Turning Rolls - Micarta Rolls
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Ransome Welding Manipulators are the most versatile pieces of equipment associated with sub arc automatic welding, offering the precision of even the most highly skilled welder but with even greater consistency. Ransome manipulators can be designed or programmed to duplicate the same procedure without variation, as well as weld sequentially different procedures on the same weldment. They can be adapted to operate in pick and place application, as well as plate burning, painting and arc gouging.

Ransome welding manipulators offers eight basic manipulator models in a variety of sizes and capacity ranges. Each can be customized for specific applications such as simple straight line or circumferential welding. Custom designs for extra long reach and extra heavy loads are also available, as well as a telescoping boom option when space is limited. All Ransome manipulators are available as pedestal mounted motorized or fixed boom machines and can be mounted on a free standing base or motorized travel carriage for mobility.

When do you need a Ransome column and boom?

When welding large plate sections or long seams
When the piece or part is of a thickness that would require multiple passes with hand-held methods When penetration and bead shape must be uniform throughout the entire weld length When extreme close tolerance of arc gap or speed of travel is required When the ability to increase profit through the use of an automatic welding head becomes practical

Why use a weld manipulator?

Automatic welding systems are designed to be mounted on a rigid structure and move from seam to seam, providing a higher degree of accuracy and consistent repeatability over manual methods

True automatic welding requires the use of a manipulating device which brings the welding head to the work



Ransome Cricket Weld Manipulator
Ransome Column Boom Welding Manipulators For Sub Arc Welding


Ransome offers two styles of Manipulator Travel Cars. They include a manual push car and a series of variable speed travel cars. The manual car rides on track. The powered cars ride on machined rail track. The weight and gauge width of the machined rail tracks vary depending on the load capacity required.


Ransome Travel Car for Manipulator Positioning

Ransome offers 8 basic Manipulator models in a variety of sizes and capacity ranges that can duplicate the function of a highly skilled welder...only better and with more consistency.

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Internal-external seam welders are cantilevered from one end, which allows part loading and unloading of open part sections onto the mandrel arm. The mandrel support clamp includes isolation from the mandrel to the pressure beam assembly to guard against magnetization.

Ransome longitudinal seam welder can handle seam lengths from 4-feet to 12-feet, with diameters of 4-1/2" and more. Risers can be added to increase part diameter needs.   Pneumatically controlled aluminum finger clamps hold up to 3/8" thick material during the welding process, which include standard replaceable copper tips.

A variety of water-cooled back-up bars with or without inert gas purge is available for several welding processes such as Sub Arc, MIG, and TIG welding applications.

A replaceable linear round-way provides +/- 0.009 inch travel accuracy over 10 feet. Side beam assembly is adjustable for aligning and leveling with mandrel and weld joint. The travel carriage is a rack and pinion design to provide accurate positive travel with additional 6" of travel allowing 3" for start and run-off tabs.


Ransome Internal/Flat Sheet Welding Seamer



Ransome Company manufactures all seam welders in our own facility, completely Made in the USA.  Our longitudinal  seam welding machines are built to our customers specific requirements. Seamers from 4 foot to 12 feet are currently available.

Ransome company builds programmable welding seamer Seamer carriage controls including an AC servo motor controlled with a mobile Human Machine Interface (HMI). Carriage travel direction and speed can be controlled in manual or process mode. Weld distance and speed can be input into HMI. Auto retract to start point can be enabled, or performed manually after travel completion.

0-5 Second Arc On/Off, crater/puddle delays adjustable in 0.10 second intervals Included and can be activated.

If optional back purge gas option is included controls for ON/OFF or auto (controlled by arc) ON/OFF with programmable start and stop delays.

Optional torch lifter can be included to adjust torch height and auto lift before carriage retract.

Required Services – 115/1/60 single phase input power and 100 P.S.I. inlet air pressure

Contact our company when looking for a longitudinal seam welder for your tight tolerance aerospace applications that require 100% penetration seam welding fabricating.

Seam welding machines for all welding metal seams fabrication needs. Our company can retrofit old used seamers with new welding controls or your current old seamer can be like new with rebuilt welding seamer. Call us for information on repairing or upgrading your worn seam welder.

Ransome Weld Seamers

Ransome Universal Seam Welding Controller

Ransome Automatic Seam Welders


Ransome Variable Speed Carriages are heavy duty travel carriages capable of supporting substantial loads at specified distances from the faceplate. Variable travel speeds from 3 to 116 Inches per Minute are standard on models VSC-15-3 and VSC-21-12.

The Model VSC-40-12 carriage is equipped to deliver travel speed from 6 to 180 Inches per Minute. Carriages use a rack and pinion drive system equipped with controls for Power On/Off Switch and Light, Auto /Manual Switch and Light, Forward/Off/Reverse Speed Potentiometer, Rapid Pushbutton, Socket for Auto Travel.

They have weight capacities from 1500 to 4000 lbs. SCR solid state controls, and are modular in design to allow for field upgradeability. Other standard options available are capable of facilitating a totally automated carriage.

Linear Side Beam Track Carriage Car
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Cut in-field welding time for storage tanks by up to 40% The Ransome Automatic 3 o'clock Tank Girth Welder AGW I, AGW II, AGW LW performs x-ray quality horizontal welds up to 20 times faster than standard manual techniques. Operating at speeds from four to 105 inches per minute, the AGW can handle plates as thick as 1 ¾" and tank diameters from the largest to as small as 30’. It is available as a single or dual mobile welding station completely equipped with welding heads, all controls, flux support belts and flux recovery units.

The AGW straddles the tank shell plates, riding on serrated steel drive wheels that can be adjusted for tank diameter. The adjustable A-frame telescopes manually to handle six- to 10-feet high steel plates.

The AGW’s operator platform is a sturdy and solid work station with guard rails and all-weather curtains for operator safety and comfort. Ransome’s double platform is fully equipped with its own direction and speed controls. An access ladder allows movement to the primary flux separator tank and to the side of the dual unit.

Ergonomically designed for convenience, accessibility and efficiency, the AGW includes the Lincoln NA-3 solid state control and welding head fitted with nozzles, wire feed rolls, strengtheners and 50 lb. wire reels for either single or twin-arc wire. The submerged arc flux belt mechanism ensures retention of the flux at the joint for efficient recycling.

AGW sysem storage tank welder - Ransome 3 o'clock welders

Storage tank seam welding system - horizontal seam welders 


Ransome VUP single pass automatic vertical tank seam welding  system delivers faster, consistent, x-ray quality welds on field erected storage tanks and other applications. Requiring just one operator, the VUP can complete 10 to 12 vertical seams per work shift.

The VUPs sturdy mainframe features a vertical column mounted on a carriage and roller assembly that rides on the top of tank plates. The VUP can handle vessel seam welding a vertical joint welding on plates 3/8" to 1" thick 6Æ to 10Æ high. With the optional oscillator, plates from 1 1/4" to 2" can be joined together.

Its self-locking gear reducer with variable speed drive is electronically integrated with the welding control, which automatically adjusts speed to maintain the optimum copper-shoe-to-weld puddle relationship for secure grounding. The lift controls include an up/down switch, low/high speed potentiometers and rapid speed selector.

A common submerged arc welding system is a  VUPs with a interpreted weld system control,  power supply consists of a skid-mounted Lincoln DC-1000 with NA3 control and water flow panel. The standard Lincoln NR-431/NR-432 Innershield Processes offer significant savings, good mechanical properties and x-ray quality welds, providing deposition rates of 48 lbs./hr.

Options available are water recirculation system, power lateral travel, nozzle oscillator for plates 1 1/4" to 2" thick, electrical other than 230/460-3ph-60Hz, or other-than-standard wiring, and wiring for cable spans longer than 200 (61 meters).

The VUP is also ideal for other applications, including ship building and manipulator-mounted butt welding of 6 ft to 50 in vertical plates.

VUP Stoage Tank Vertical Up Seam Welder System 


All types of Ransome chucks and other welding chucks as well 60 inch pipe gripper chucks. The larger chucks are designed for the custom welding and industrial applications. Weld splatter will not foil the action on these self-centering chucks. Easy to operate and quick mounting of various shaped parts up to 60" make Welding Grippers real time savers. Ransome can help with special welding fixture and tooling for all welding applications.

Welding chucks come in all types of designs. Ransome can provide the proper chuck to meet your specific welding application. Call us for details on the types of the weld chucks and tooling options.


Gripper Scroll Welding Chucks
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Slides manufactured by Ransome have extremely fluid motions with ample weight capacities. Pandjiris has two basic models, one with 1 inch round ways and the other with 1-1/2" round ways.

These quality slides compound nicely and are interchangeable as vertical or horizontal slides. Protective boots, various lengths and motorized slides are all available as standard options.

Ransome slides are considered by many to be the best quality slides on the market today because of their compactness, large weight capacities and smooth fluid movements.




Ransome Company has developed a new universal welding control for the arc and welding machine interface process controller. The design is used for our Ransome Company automation welding systems, that include our positioning equipment in concert with the welding power supply.
Ransome Universal Welding Controller
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Providing parts for old Ransome welding positioning equipment such as positioners, manipulators, turning rolls, seam welders and related machines.

Ransome Company replacement parts are available for many of our older and as well new Ransome equipment. 

When you need to replace a Ransome company machines part such as a motor, gear box, board, table top or a complete new welding control panel, we can help!

Contact us with as much information about the Ransome equipment you can such as serial number, model number or anything thing that can identify the welding positioning machine or equipment for us. 

 Ransome Replacement Parts, Tooling, Repair Parts, Ransome Tooling
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Founded in 1895, Ransome Machinery Company joined a growing number of new enterprises emerging out of the Industrial Revolution. The company quickly gained a reputation for quality and engineering. By the turn of the 20th century, Ransome was the premier producer of specialty machines for the booming concrete industry.

In 1932 Ransome Company made a significant strategic shift to focus on building innovative products for automated welding applications. The process of arc welding was a relatively new technology in those days, and welders were constantly burdened with the task of having to shift and reposition work-pieces – some weighing many tons – as they were being welded together. Borrowing from its successful concrete mixer design, Ransome created the world’s first welding positioner – a significant breakthrough in efficiency, which allowed the welder to easily reposition pieces for continuous down hand welding.

Demand for Ransome positioners grew rapidly, and the company’s product line quickly expanded to meet the increasing needs of the industry. Ransome turning rolls, manipulators and positioners provided state-of-the-art material handling equipment to many American industrial giants. In 1943, Ransome became part of the Worthington Corporation, and with the Second World War in full swing, Ransome equipment was a common sight throughout many war plants. From small benchtop positioners to gigantic automated manipulators, Ransome products continued to build a reputation for quality that would follow the company into the future.

Early Design Ransome Automated Storage Tank Seam Welding Machine Inventor

Ransome company automated welding positioning equipment in the early years.


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